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Lectures at Medical Conferences

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  • AGW/WGO International Congress 2015, Brisbane, Australia.


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  • AGW/WGO International Congress 2015, Brisbane, Australia.


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  • Australian Gastroenterology Week 2014, Gold Coast, Australia.


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  • The Ulster Society of Gastroenterology Autumn Meeting 2003, Northern Ireland.


Conference Papers / Abstracts

  1. Singla A, Fam W, Lee CH, O’Loughlin EV, La Hei E. Rectal stump pelvic sepsis in inflammatory bowel disease – single institution experience and literature review.
  • Poster presentation:
  • 15th Congress of the Asia Pacific Federation of Coloproctology, Melbourne, Australia.


  1. Hsu P, Nanan B, Lee CH, Wong M, Campbell DE, Nanan R. Ontogeny of Regulatory T Cells in Early Life.
  • Poster presentation:
  • The 4th Annual in-FLAME Workshop 2015, the International Inflammation Network, Marburg, Germany.


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  • Poster presentation:
  • The 3rd International symposium on Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (PiBD) 2014, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Australian Gastroenterology Week 2014, Gold Coast, QLD.


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  • Poster presentation:
  • Australian Gastroenterology Week 2014, Gold Coast, QLD.


  1. Kawada P, O’Loughlin EV, Stormon MO, Dutt S, Magoffin A, Lee CH, Gaskin KJ. An Effort to Reduce Unnecessary Colonoscopy in Paediatric Patients – A 10 Year Retrospective Audit. J Gastroenterol 2014;29(S2):150.
  • Poster presentation:
  • Australian Gastroenterology Week 2014, Gold Coast, QLD.


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  • Poster presentation:
  • International Liver Transplantation Society 19th Annual International Congress 2013, Sydney, Australia.


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  • Poster presentation:
  • British Society for Human Genetics Annual Conference 2006, York University.
  • The 9th Annual Scientific meeting 2006, Irish Society of Human Genetics.

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